Professional questionnaires for companies and healthcare professionals designed and hosted in Switzerland.


Questionnaire data is rarely linear. Our algorithms aren’t either.


Store your data on Swiss servers for security and legal reasons.

How it works

Swiss Questionnaires is an online survey platform designed for businesses and medical professionals. We provide tailored ad-free surveys displaying the logo of your choice. We help you convert your questionnaires or design new ones based on your specific needs so that you can quickly gather data and save time in analyzing the responses from users. Your data is stored on secure servers in Switzerland, so you can rest assured your sensitive data is kept safe and in accordance with Swiss data protection laws. Once a survey or questionnaire has been created for you, you have unlimited access to data and there are no restrictions as to how many times you can distribute the questionnaire.

01 Design

Our team designs and creates your questionnaire with you after discussing requirements and methodology.

02 Fill in

Access and modify your questionnaire online. Send invitations or fill in data yourself. We are there to help.

03 Analyze

Once the survey has come to an end (time limit or respondent limit), we will provide you with your data, as well as analysis and reports.

Try a survey for free. Provide us with the details under and we will contact you to provide you with your very own customer feedback survey.

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We never share or sell your data


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Our Expertise

Swiss Questionnaires has years of experience in UX, psychometric testing, statistics, and programming, as well as a deep understanding of ethical and legal issues involved in human research. We work with you to identify stakeholders, define requirements, and adjust questionnaires accordingly.


Swiss Questionnaires consists of experimental social psychologists and neuroscientists. We have extensive experience in the use of questionnaires in the domain of psychology. We know how to tailor questions to account for cognitive biases, respondent desirability effects, and more.


Swiss Questionnaires is only one part of our psychometric and physiological testing services for consumers. Our entrepreneurial team has already commercialized research ideas, bringing products to the market that are tailored to the consumer.


Our PhDs have extensive experience in research design, data gathering, and sense-making, and report writing, ranging from academic fields like experimental psychology to market research, such as sentiment analysis. We excel in quantitative research methods including a grasp of Big Data.


With medical and psychological data management experience, we comply with Swiss laws on privacy and data protection and we have studied laws and ethical declarations in full. Our servers are secured with the strongest encryption and are stored in Switzerland for security and legal reasons.