General terms and conditions
Last updated: July 16 2020

Who we are
Hello, and welcome to the Swiss Questionnaires website. This website is owned and operated by Persometrics Switzerland.

The services to which the Terms and Conditions apply.
These T&Cs apply to our products and services, which include but are not limited to output from reports based on psychometric tests as well as information drawn from the reports and our website and other web sites operated that can be recognised by their URL basename (e.g.,

Persometrics Sàrl reserves the right to change these T&Cs at any time. The terms in effect at the time of order placement will apply.

Your rights to cancel
Once you have hired Persometrics to create a survey or questionnaire on you have a right to cancel before the final product has been delivered. If, after entering a written or verbal agreement, work has already commenced, Persometrics Sàrl reserves the right to bill you for any investment lost on their side as a direct consequence of said agreement. This includes labour, which is billed at CHF 100/hour. If you cancel after your product has been created for you you do not have a right of reimbursement.

Once your survey or questionnaire has been created for you, you will receive login details have by email, phone or in writing. Delivery be considered completed as soon as you have effective access to the survey.

Any purchase from us includes six weeks of free support and upgrades. After this, support is free only for problems that result from non-compliance with terms from the side of Persometrics. This includes technical problems that were not caused by you and are beyond your control (e.g., server issues due to suppliers of Persometrics for hosting

Liability and exclusion of liability
These terms and conditions will not limit or exclude Persometrics’s liability in the event of fraudulent misrepresentation or injuries or death resulting from negligence. Liability that cannot be excluded under applicable law will remain in effect.

We will not be reliable for outcomes of events that are reasonably outside of our control, including, but not limited to, force majeure, actions of third parties (including mirror sites, hackers, suppliers or local authorities), terrorism, strikes, riot, fire, or weather conditions, regardless of whether the circumstances in questions could have been foreseen.

The information provided by Persometrics or any of their affiliates is for research, informational and educational use only and are not a substitute for medical advice. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of information that may be mentioned on this website or available through our Service.

Persometrics cannot and does not guarantee the effectiveness of any course of action, procedure, opinion or other information that may be mentioned on our Website or available through our Service.

We shall have no liability for

Loss of revenue
Loss of actual or anticipated profits
Loss of contracts
Loss of business or operation time
Loss of goodwill or reputation
Loss or corruption of data
Costs derived from civil lawsuits or other legal action
Intellectual Property Rights
Persometrics is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the website and in all published material that is provided in reports. All rights are reserved.

Our Privacy Policy can be accessed on the main website of Persometrics Switzerland.