How we work

Initiation to closing.




Define Goals


Our data engineers assess needs with you. What are the main deliverables? What type of data is required and from which population? Are there psychological or demographic variables that ought to be included in your survey? What formats are optimal? Do you want fully customized questionnaires, with or without the company name in the URL address? Finally, logistical and legal details are discussed, such as the method of inviting respondents and the anonymity of the data.




Design questionnaire and go live


We design the questionnaire in function of your needs. Your questionnaire is ready and we provide you with guidance on use and customization (if applicable). Technical and administrative support is provided; in case you have issues or questions regarding the questionnaire. See more about <a href=””>our expertise</a>.




Analysis and sense-making


Depending on your chosen product, we either send you the data in raw format or, alternatively, transformed into actionable results. Follow-ups are discussed.